Now you have considered all the components of your Instagram profile and looking to make an attractive bio or crafting an existing one. Here are the elements you need to keep in mind if you want to make your bio amazing –

Tell Who You Are

When it comes to craft your bio, it’s time to get to the point and speak what you are and for whom you are here. Don’t mince your words. All you need speak to the point and clear and tell everything you want in a single line.

Choose Username Wisely

Do you know the username and name you choose can be picked up on Google search? So, you need to choose your name wisely. Do a little research and use keywords in title, such as ‘Daniel Smith Contractor’. It will help your brand to achieve success.

Showcase Your Personal Side by Sharing Hobbies

When it is wise to have your brand description in the bio, your followers and friends would love to know the real you. So, it is important to share your personal side more than your work. You may share your passions or hobbies you have.

Also Consider Call to Action

You shouldn’t miss the chance to talk to your fans about how to engage with your brand and how to connect with you. For this, you need to add CTA or call to action in your bio.

Pick Hashtags which Resonate with your following

Even though you cannot pick up Hashtags from Google, they are still vital for the bio. If your company is highlighted for a specific hashtag or term, you should use it in order to extend the familiarity to the fans.

Use Keywords that Match Your Brand

As discussed earlier, the instagram username and name can be selected by Google and they should be relevant to your brand, you have to add a few keywords that are relevant to your brand and give a better knowhow of what your business is all about.

Choose and Change Your URL Properly

Though Instagram allows just one URL to use in bio, you are free to encourage more visits by taking its advantage. You can update the link when it comes to attract users to your new content or blog post. When your business launches a new service or product, you can update the link and do it when it comes to promote a new campaign.