Let Your Food Be Your Medicine!

The Yabba Pot
is the creation of Virgin Islander Skai Davis whose dream and desire was to offer
her community delicious Vegan cuisine with international flavor.  On her quest to
find foods that Baltimore would find exciting, she stumbled upon the Raw Food
movement and has incorporated more and more of the living foods philosophy
into the

The Yabba Pot offers a casual dining experience with an extensive menu.  We
make everything from scratch every single day.  We use only 100% Natural
Products.  We are very concerned with the items we use as ingredients and
consider every aspect of our menu regarding freshness, price and quality.  If you
have any specific allergies or ingredient requests,
please feel free to ask us.  

Welcome to
The Yabba Pot
Voted BEST during our
4 years in Business!!

We could truly be healthy?
We could actually lose that weight?
We could feel energized?
We could finally get off that medication?
We could really curb our addictions to food, sugar and other chemical substances?
We could cure ourselves of dis-ease?
We could actually apply what we already know about diet and nutrition and see
We stopped having our important organs removed....because they are not working
We stopped having our stomachs stapled... to lose weight?
Doctors did only well-care check-ups?
Hospitals became Wellness Centers?
Pharmaceutical companies went out of business?
Healthier foods were more accessible?

If this ponders any thoughts in your mind, then get with the program.  We are a
product of what we create. The Yabba Pot features THE 21 DAY RAW FOOD
CHALLENGE, a  program bringing you closer to what you need to be truly ALIVE!!  
Baltimore City...a city that has the worlds number #1 Hospitals.  Yet, we live in a city
that is possibly one of the worlds most sickest as well.  Rampant with Drug
Addiction (legal and illegal), Obesity, Cancer, Sugar Diabetes, High Blood Pressure
and more.  We are what we consume!   It is time to take the information that is so
readily accessible and apply it to our own lives.  Join the forum that makes a
difference.  This challenge is considered a "Retreat in the City". Participants will join
others in challenging themselves to eating a 100% Live Food Diet for 21 Days.  

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Any questions please call 078 2730 3645 or email us at:

The Yabba Pot
is now located at its original location
Baltimore, MD 21218

078 2730 3645

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Chef Skai's first Preparation DVD

COMING JUNE 2015  - right in time
for the
21 Day Raw Food Challenge

Queen Greens Productions Presents
Raw Food Basic Techniques
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We offer an opportunity to learn
the gentle art of creating peace
in the kitchen with Chef Skai and
the Yabba Pot crew.  You must
commit at least 30 hours over a
two month period and be
prepared to work in the kitchen
from 8 am to 11 am anytime
between Tuesday through
Sunday.  Email us for more
information -